Here are a few FAQs in case you’ve got any questions. If you think of any more, let us know!


 – Is the event free?

Yes! It’s run by volunteers and funded by cafe sales and donations. Donations are welcome to help the event happen in future, but it is all done on trust and ability to pay.

– How do I get there?

The Station Hall was chosen as our venue because it can be easily reached from all over Bristol, it is central and only a few hundred yards from the Bus station, so you should be able to get here by bus from any part of the city. There are cycle racks outside the venue and nearby at the end of Broadmead.

– Is there parking available?

There is no on-site parking, but there is a NCP car park a few streets away on Fairfax Street BS13BB.  There is also the Galleries’ car park accessed from Newgate, a little further, but cheaper. We recommend cycling, taking the bus or walking if at all possible.

– Is the Station accessible?

The site is accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs.

– Is there anything for kids to do on the day?

Yes! We will have an area for gardening themed kids activities to keep them occupied whilst you choose your seeds.

– I don’t have any seeds to bring, is that ok?

Yes! We want everyone to feel welcome at the Seed Swap. If you haven’t got any seeds to bring along then come anyway and make a donation as a thank you for any seeds you take.

– I’ve got seeds to swap, do I need to package them up?

If you can, please do. If not, don’t worry! We will have a seed sorting table with envelopes and paper for you to divide them up into smaller portions. Please also see the pages on Seeds for the Swap.

– Should I bring anything with me?

Seeds! Any seeds you have to swap are very welcome. Also, if you are able to bring your own mug for a cuppa then that would be a big help as we are having to use disposables this year.

– I’m new to this can I get help choosing seeds to grow?

The Seed Swap is supported by a gaggle of friendly volunteers with various levels of knowledge all of whom are there to help you or point you to someone who can. The Seed Guardians on the seed table are there to help you get the seeds you need, and there is an Advice table for more in depth questions about how to grow them.

– Can I get involved?

Please do! We’re looking for volunteers to help out on the day with things like lending a hand in the café and manning the seed stalls. Please email brisseedswapvols@gmail.com for info.

– Will there be any talks on seed saving?

Definitely! We want to help everyone learn more about how to save their own seeds, so we will have a talk on this topic and plenty of knowledgeable people around to give you tips.

– Should I save seeds to bring next year?

Definitely! If you possibly can. Some seeds are commonly available, others are from specialist companies, and some from the Heritage Seed Library ( on the Advice Table), are positively rare or even in danger of dying out. We will offer advice on how, and have a leaflet with some basic techniques. YouTube is a great resource to in learning how to do this.

We also aim to build this site as a resource for Seed Savers

– Will there be any other talks?

Yes! We are finalising the programme but there will definitely be talks from experts along with an advice table to offer general gardening advice, and information on how to save seeds.

– Will there be cake?

Yes indeed! If you like baking, why not bring one along as a donation? All proceeds from the tea, coffee, cake & soup sales go towards keeping the event running in future years.