Seeds for the Swap

We hope to make the Seed Swap as useful and enjoyable as possible, so we politely ask you to think about the seeds you bring to swap – we don’t want people to be disappointed by the plants they get or don’t get from Seed Swap seeds.

F1 seeds and plants

If you have spare bought F1 seeds we will be happy for them to be on the seed tables, but they need to be clearly marked with a warning not to save seeds as they won’t breed true to type because they are hybrids.

For the same reason please do not bring seeds you have saved from F1 plants as they will not produce plants like the original ones.

Out of date seeds

Do not be afraid to bring or take seeds beyond their sow by dates. These dates are a product of commercial requirements to achieve a certain germination rate (and possibly to boost sales of seeds). Some seeds do not last very well, parsnips for instance are best fresh each year, but it depends a lot on how seeds were stored, if allowed to get damp, or if they were too hot they may be duds.

If in doubt do a germination test before bringing them, put a sample on damp tissue and see if they sprout, or simply sow seeds more thickly to allow for failures if you took some older ones.

Too much of a good thing

We do get a lot of certain easy to save flower seeds and we don’t like to see waste, click on the heading to go see how you can use excess calendular, sunflower, fennel and poppy seeds.